Drive Sprockets & Chain Kit For Suzuki Yamaha MK1005066

Brand: NICHE
MPN: MK1005066

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MK1005066 Drive Sprockets & Chain Kit Product Info:

  • Outer Plate thickness: 2.02mm; Inner Plate thickness: 2.02mm
  • Width between inner plates: 7.94mm
  • Drive Chain Maximum Tensile Strength: 25300KN; Sprocket Material consists of SAE 1023 structural carbon steel; Oil - LT-001A High Temperature Chain Oil
Included in This Kit:

(QTY 1) NICHE 519-CDC2573H Gold X-Ring Chain 114 w/ Master Link

Substitute For OEM Part Numbers(s): 27600-36012, 27600-36011, 27600-36010, 27600-29B20-124, 27600-29B20-114, 27600-25050, 27600-25010, 27600-05311

(QTY 1) NICHE 519-CDS2280P Front Drive Sprocket

Substitute For OEM Part Numbers(s): 27511-27400, 27511-26400

(QTY 1) NICHE 519-CDS2397P Tooth Rear Drive Sprocket

Substitute For OEM Part Numbers(s): 64511-46030

Compatibile with the Following Vehicles:

Suzuki DS100: 1978-1981
Suzuki DS125: 1979-1981
Suzuki GN125: 1982-1997
Suzuki GN125E: 1992-1997
Suzuki RM80: 1984
Suzuki TC100 Blazer: 1973-1975
Suzuki TC90 Blazer: 1972
Suzuki TS100: 1976-1981
Suzuki TS125: 1978-1981
Suzuki TS90 Noncho: 1971
Yamaha DT125: 1974-1976
Yamaha DT175: 1974-1977
Yamaha MX125: 1974-1976
Yamaha RD125: 1975-1976
Yamaha YZ80: 1984

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