Welcome to our Vendor Outreach platform, an integral part of our Product Development process. If you're a manufacturer looking to collaborate and innovate with us, you've come to the right place! We prioritize direct associations with manufacturers over trading companies to ensure premium quality and seamless integration. If you are a manufacturer looking to collaborate, please complete the form below.

Partner with Us for Excellence

BW Retail Solutions is specialized in offering a comprehensive range of replacement parts and accessories tailored for powersports vehicles and outdoor power equipment.

What We're Looking For

Are you a manufacturer looking for a retail partner? If so, we are eager to connect with you. We are especially interested in manufacturers that meet the following criteria:

Offer Private Label Branding: Able to customize by adding our personal branding touch to our products and packages.

Manufacture Your Own Products: We highly prioritize manufacturers with their own production facilities, ensuring superior quality control and production capabilities.

Quality Oriented: If you are dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards in your products, we want to collaborate with you.

Innovation Driven: Manufacturers who are open to innovation and product development to allow both of our companies to continually expand our catalogs.

Reliable & Consistent: Consistent and timely delivery are crucial to our operations. We seek manufacturers who are reliable and can meet deadlines regularly.