Drive Sprockets & Chain Kit For Honda MK1005040

Brand: NICHE
MPN: MK1005040

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MK1005040 Drive Sprockets & Chain Kit Product Info:

  • Drive Chain Maximum Tensile Strength: 38000KN; Sprocket Material consists of SAE 1023 structural carbon steel; Oil - LT-001A High Temperature Chain Oil
Included in This Kit:

(QTY 1) NICHE 519-CDC2564H Gold X-Ring Chain 120 w/ Master Link

Substitute For OEM Part Numbers(s): 40540-KV3-406, 40540-KV3-405, 40540-KSC-003, 40540-KRN-A32, 40540-KRN-A31, 40540-KPM-305, 40540-KCR-306, 40540-KCN-306, 40540-K95-A51, 40540-K95-A41, 40540-K95-A21, 40540-K87-A02, 40532-KA5-681, 40530-KT0-A21, 06405-KV3-P10, 06405-KV3-P00

(QTY 1) NICHE 519-CDS2251P Front Drive Sprocket

Substitute For OEM Part Numbers(s): 23802-MEN-730, 23802-KZ3-860, 23801-MKE-A50, 23801-MEY-670

(QTY 1) NICHE 519-CDS2414P Rear Drive Sprocket

Substitute For OEM Part Numbers(s): 41204-ML3-810, 41204-ML3-505, 41202-KS6-700, 41202-KS6-306, 41202-KS6-305, 41202-KA3-730, 41202-KA3-710, 41201-ML3-791, 41201-MKE-A70, 41201-MKE-A00, 41201-KZ4-B00, 41201-KZ3-J40

Compatibile with the Following Vehicles:

Honda CR250R: 2004-2007
Honda CRF250R: 2023
Honda CRF250RX: 2023
Honda CRF450R 50th Anniversary Edition: 2023
Honda CRF450R: 2004-2023
Honda CRF450RX: 2017-2023

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