Complete Organic Brake Pad with Shoe Set For Yamaha MK1002672

Brand: NICHE
MPN: MK1002672

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Included in This Kit:

(QTY 1) NICHE 519-KBR2249S Rear Brake Shoe

Substitute For OEM Part Numbers(s): 5H0-W2536-00-00, 5G3-W2536-00-00, 4KN-W253E-11-00, 4KN-W2536-11-00, 4KN-W2536-00-00, 4BE-W253E-00-00, 4BE-W2536-00-00, 3AC-W2536-00-00, 2JN-W2536-00-00, 2JL-W253E-20-00, 2JL-W2536-10-00, 2JL-W2536-01-00, 296-W2536-00-00, 122-25330-00-00, 10X-W2536-00-00, 102-25330-00-00

(QTY 1) NICHE 519-KPA2686D Organic Brake Pads

Substitute For OEM Part Numbers(s): 5LB-W0045-01-00, 5LB-W0045-00-00, 4JG-W0045-00-00, 3C5-W0045-00-00, 3C5-25805-00-00

Compatibile with the Following Vehicles:

Yamaha TW200 Trailway: 2001-2015
Yamaha TW200: 2001-2020
Yamaha XT225: 2001-2007

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