Front Semi-Metallic Brake Pad Set 519-KPA2381D For Yamaha 5VN-W0045-00-00 5VN-25805-00-00 | 4-PACK

Brand: NICHE
MPN: 519-KPA2381D

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Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

5VN-W0045-00-00, 5VN-25805-00-00, 5JJ-W0045-00-00, 5JJ-25805-00-00, 4XV-W0045-00-00, 4SV-W0045-00-00, 4SV-25805-00-00, 1D7-W0045-00-00, 1D7-25805-00-00

Compatibile with the Following Vehicles:

Yamaha FJR1300: 2003-2005
Yamaha FJR1300A ABS: 2004-2005
Yamaha FZ1: 2001-2005
Yamaha FZ6: 2007-2009
Yamaha Raider Bullet Cowl XV19C: 2015
Yamaha Raider S XV1900CSA: 2011
Yamaha Raider S XV1900CSD: 2013
Yamaha Raider S XV1900CSEL: 2014
Yamaha Raider S XV1900CSXCR: 2008
Yamaha Raider S XV1900CSY: 2009
Yamaha Raider S XV1900CSZB: 2010
Yamaha Raider S XV1900CXC: 2012
Yamaha Raider S XV19CS: 2015
Yamaha Raider SCL XV1900CBCO: 2012
Yamaha Raider SCL XV1900CBO: 2014
Yamaha Raider SCL XV1900SCLD: 2013
Yamaha Raider XV1900CA: 2011
Yamaha Raider XV1900CBCS: 2012
Yamaha Raider XV1900CER: 2014
Yamaha Raider XV1900CX: 2008-2013
Yamaha Raider XV1900CYS: 2009
Yamaha Raider XV1900CZCR: 2010
Yamaha Raider XV19C: 2015-2017
Yamaha Road Star S XV1700AS: 2008-2014
Yamaha Road Star S XV1700ASEP: 2014
Yamaha Road Star XV1700A Spoke Wheels: 2006
Yamaha Road Star XV1700A: 2004-2014
Yamaha Road Star XV1700AM Midnight: 2004-2007
Yamaha Road Star XV1700AT Silverado: 2006-2010
Yamaha Road Star XV1700ATM Midnight Silverado: 2004-2007
Yamaha Road Star XV1700ATS Silverado S: 2008-2014
Yamaha Road Star XV1700PC Warrior With Flames: 2005
Yamaha Road Star XV1700PC Warrior: 2002-2005
Yamaha Road Star XV1700PCM Midnight Warrior: 2005
Yamaha Roadliner S XV1900S: 2006-2014
Yamaha Roadliner S XV1900SEL: 2014
Yamaha Roadliner XV1900M Midnight: 2006-2009
Yamaha Stratoliner S XV1900CTS: 2006-2014
Yamaha Stratoliner S XV1900CTSES: 2014
Yamaha Stratoliner XV1900CT: 2006-2014
Yamaha Stratoliner XV1900CTF Deluxe: 2010-2014
Yamaha Stratoliner XV1900CTM Midnight: 2006-2008
Yamaha YZF R1: 1998-2001
Yamaha YZF R6: 1999-2002
Yamaha YZF R6S Champions Limited Edition: 2001
Yamaha YZF1000R: 1997
Yamaha YZF600R: 1997-2007

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