Rear Drive Sprocket 519-CDS2223P For Yamaha 5TG-25438-10-00 5TG-25438-00-00

Brand: NICHE
MPN: 519-CDS2223P

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519-CDS2223P Rear Drive Sprocket Product Info:

  • Pitch: 520, Teeth: 38; Sprocket Material consists of SAE 1023 structural carbon steel
  • Hub Inner Diameter 125mm; Mounting Hole (ID) 10.5mm; Distance Between Mounting Holes (ID) 145mm

Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

5TG-25438-10-00, 5TG-25438-00-00

Compatibile with the Following Vehicles:

Yamaha Raptor 250 YFM250R Special Edition: 2011
Yamaha Raptor 250 YFM250R: 2008-2013
Yamaha Raptor 250 YFM250RSP Special Edition: 2008
Yamaha Raptor 250 YFM250RSP2 Special Edition II: 2008
Yamaha Raptor 250 YFM250RW Custom Graphics: 2012-2013
Yamaha Raptor 350 YFM350: 2004-2013
Yamaha Raptor 350 YFM350R: 2005-2013
Yamaha Raptor 350 YFM350RSE Special Edition: 2005-2007
Yamaha Raptor 350 YFM350RSE2 Special Edition II: 2007
Yamaha Raptor 700 YFM700: 2006-2020
Yamaha Raptor 700 YFM700R: 2006-2014
Yamaha Raptor 700 YFM700RSE Special Edition: 2007-2012
Yamaha Raptor 700 YFM700RSE2 Special Edition II: 2007
Yamaha Raptor 700 YFM700RSP 50th Anniversary Edition: 2006
Yamaha Raptor 700 YFM700RSP Special Edition: 2008
Yamaha Raptor 700 YFM700RSP2 Special Edition II: 2008
Yamaha Raptor 700R YFM700R Custom Graphics: 2013
Yamaha Raptor 700R YFM700R SE: 2017-2020
Yamaha Raptor 700R YFM700R: 2009-2020
Yamaha Raptor 700R YFM700RSE Special Edition: 2013-2016
Yamaha Raptor 700R YFM700RSL Team Yamaha: 2014
Yamaha Raptor 700R YFM700RW Custom Graphics: 2012
Yamaha YFZ450: 2004-2020
Yamaha YFZ450LE Limited Edition: 2004
Yamaha YFZ450R Special Edition: 2016
Yamaha YFZ450R: 2009-2020
Yamaha YFZ450RSE Special Edition: 2009-2015
Yamaha YFZ450RSE: 2009-2020
Yamaha YFZ450SE Special Edition: 2005-2007
Yamaha YFZ450SE2 Special Edition II: 2007
Yamaha YFZ450SP Special Edition: 2008
Yamaha YFZ450SP2 Special Edition II: 2008
Yamaha YFZ450V Bill Balance Edition: 2006-2007
Yamaha YFZ450X Bill Balance Edition: 2010
Yamaha YFZ450X: 2010-2011
Yamaha YFZ450XSE Special Edition: 2011

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