Niche Industries is headquartered in Chesterfield Michigan, a metro Detroit area. This location also has the customer service team and multiple distribution warehouses. The dedicated staff work with multiple technologies to better support the consumers with efficient customer service solutions paired with lighting fast shipping.



Niche Industries engineering and development is located in New Dundee Ontario, Canada. Sharing space with a distribution warehouse, the team create and work with manufacturing partners around the globe creating the replacement parts that meet and exceed OEM standards.



The newest distribution center open recently in McDonough Georgia. This strategic location ensure quick delivery to our customers of our products and has allowed us to further expand our offerings and catalog. With the latest inventory controls in all of our warehouse distribution centers, we can get you the parts you need fast no matter where you are.


Chris Ball

Founder and CEO

Chris Ball is CEO and Co-Founder of BW Retail Solutions has spent over a decade chasing dreams and learning life lessons of being a serial entrepreneur, executive, and owner of multiple businesses.  He uses his expertise to take a talented group of people, businesses, and technologies to create an environment for success. From his time at Michigan State University until the present, he has gathered wide ranging skills by understanding e-commerce marketplaces and how to scale a business to outperform industry standards.

Eric Hessell

Chief Operating Officer

I am a husband with three small children, and a Michigan State University Graduate with a Master’s in Accounting. After spending the first nine years of my career in public accounting and corporate finance, I made a switch into operations with BW Retail Solutions. It’s a great place to work, with a fantastic group of employees that have a lot of pride in the success of the company. Seeing the business grow rapidly over the last four years has been the most rewarding time of my career!

Mike Kardes

VP of Consumer Experience

As the Vice President of Customer Experience at BW Retail Solutions, Michael is a seasoned leader with a passion for cultivating exceptional consumer journeys. With a career spanning over 20 years in the realms of customer service, operations, and strategic management, Michael has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand advocacy. By championing a customer-first approach, he envisions a future where every touchpoint — from initial inquiry to post-purchase support — becomes an opportunity to forge meaningful connections. His expertise lies in aligning cross-functional teams, harnessing cutting-edge technologies, and implementing data-driven insights to anticipate and exceed customer expectations.

Leigh Kuhn

EVP Product Development & Sourcing

Leigh Kuhn is a visionary business leader, entrepreneur, and family man. He has servedas the CEO of multiple successful ventures, and currently serves as a Vice-President ofProduct Development & Sourcing here at BW Retail. Leigh has demonstrated a uniqueability to identify and capitalize on product opportunities. His vision, ability to thinkstrategically along with being a team player have earned him endorsements in theseareas. Alongside his professional accomplishments, Leigh actively participates innetworking and learning opportunities. With a passion for growth and innovation, Leighcontinues to inspire and make a positive impact in the business world.